Yellow-naped Amazon For Sale

Yellow-naped Amazon for sale
12 yr old Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot
Name:   Pilar  -  user reviews
Posted:   3/16/2017
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Location:   Santa Fe , New Mexico

Beautiful 12yr old Male Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot for sale. Pilar was hatched in US (banded). Very social, great talker, sings songs, counts to 10, and knows most of the alphabet. Easily trained.
Comes with two cages...indoor cage of white wire is approx 5'10'H x 2'W x2'D and an outdoor cage of approx same size.
$4000 OBO
Name:   Kayte Hogan  -  user reviews
Posted:   1/5/2017
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Location:   Panama City Beach , Florida

Two DNA sexed male Yellow-Naped Amazons. Both have been housed together for several years and are great outdoor perchers.

These birds are handleable by some and talk a lot!
Feather quality is rough on one because the other chews on his feathers.

$500 each, will ship