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Name:   Andrea
Posted:   10/4/2016
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Location:   Indianapolis in

Looking for a conure under &300 baby preferred or older I'd hand tame.

Name:   Odalis Rodriguez
Posted:   10/2/2016
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Location:   Lancaster, CA

I would like a bird who is super cuddly, small, very playful. I would want the bird to be a baby. And that wouldn't cost too much

Name:   Kim
Posted:   10/1/2016
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Location:   Tennessee

Fischer lovebirds

Name:   Candice L
Posted:   9/30/2016
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Phoenix Az

Male ring nexked alexander, grey mc caw or cockatoos

Name:   James Peacock
Posted:   9/27/2016
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Asheville, NC 28801

Looking for a very young, tame, hand raised Bourke. This bird is going to be a pet, one which I will probably play with almost all day. Sadly, I have purchased two different breeders, one from New Jersey and California -- both promised to be "hand raised, hand fed and totally tame" - When these birds arrived (each a $35 payment plus to a taxi driver) anyway, when they arrived, I quickly realized that neither of them were 'hand raised' or tame. I had to put them aside. I then phoned a pet store in New Jersey and asked if they had a hand-raised, tame Bourke in ANY color. I paypaled The price of the bird plus shipping -- four and a half months later, I have received neither a refund or a bird - with many excuses each time. I would prefer one of the more exotic mutations: i.e., Rainbow, light pink, (I have a breeder here who is a beautiful mainly very light pink with a beautiful creamy yellow color) -- If you have a bird of this description, and if you are a legimate breeder, have (or will soon have) such a bird -- I would love to hear from you. I'd prefer phone calls - however will happily receive emails. Thanks.

James Peacock

Name:   Brandon
Posted:   9/26/2016
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Athens Alabama

I was sold a PAIR of cherry head conures, after getting them sexed, tunes out a was sold 2 males! now I am searching for a female or 2 so I can pair these guys up (at lease one of them)

please be honest, if you say its a female, please make sure its a female,, I don't need 3 males lol
please if you (or someone you know) has one or two of these beautiful birds that you are willing to part with, please let me know!!
please include price and location

thank you

Name:   rashid ali
Posted:   9/25/2016
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Location:   Hyderabad pakistan

I want rate all Cockatoos babies

Name:   Harvey Kennedy
Posted:   9/24/2016
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   california

Australian king parrot female baby

Name:   Joy
Posted:   9/23/2016
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Cortland, OH

umbrella cockatoo preference male baby

Name:   purnachandra jena
Posted:   9/22/2016
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   perungudi'chennai

Alexandrine baby parrot

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