New York Birds Breeders

Phone: 631.741.3585

Long Island

Breeder of Fischer & Blue masked lovebirds, Parrotlets, Green Cheek Conures all colors, Crimson Belly Conures, Blue Crowned Conures, Indian Ringnecks, Quakers, Senegals, Meyers Parrots & More...


Pinfeather Friends

Phone: 518 654 8540
Website: www,

Corinth N. Y.

Hobbyist breeder of Lovebirds, Cockatiels, and Quakers


Phone: 347-866-0541

Corona, NY 11368

By request fully weaned, hand tame, sweet babies Parrotlets with Leg band & Hatch Certificate. Ideal for condos or Apartment living,beautiful color, healthy, tame with a lot of personality, capable of speech, quiet called "Apartment birds", Giving support and wings clipped if u desire. ****347-866-0541**** text me if I don't answer your call...****I will hold any baby for few days-with non- refundable deposit *** *** once the baby is weaned/ready you will have 2-3 days to pick up..****************Pick up Only; ******* NO Shipping********Click on the link provided below to view information and Photos***** others New babies available, but still hand feeding .

My lovely Doves and Etc

Phone: 845-341-0411

Middletown NY 10940

Cockatiels, Quakers, Lovebirds masked and peachface ,Senegals,Sun Conures ,African Gray Timneh

CNY Aviary

Phone: 315-245-8028

PO Box 266
North Bay, NY 13123

We are a small breeder of Macaws (Greenwing, Scarlet, Blue&Gold, Military, Severe, Harlequin), Conures (Suns, mutation Green Cheeks, Patagonians, Blue Crown, Peach Front), Amazons (Yellow Nape), Alexandrians and Quakers(Blue and Green).


Phone: 9173254189


Sun Conure, Indian Ring necks, white belly caique, love birds, parakeets, Green Cheek conure, peach front conure , pineapple conure , Yellowsided and normals.

Pinfeather Friends

Phone: 518 654 8540

lovebirds cockatiels parrotlets conures quakers bourkes scarlet chested parakeets lineolated parakeets ringneck parrots senegals
Pairs new to our aviary black headed caique African grey parrot rose breasted cockatoo red bellied parrot


I breed pacific parrotlets please inquire within

Tony's Parrots

Phone: 585-355-7353
Website: NA


African Greys
Amazons -Blue Fronted-(Chacos)
Bourke Parakeets Mutations
Crimson Winged Parrots
English Budgies-Many Mutations (HUGE)
Green Cheek Conures
Meally Rosellas
Moustache Parakeets
Sun Conure
Yellow Red-bellied Turquoisines

Quaker Parrot -Many Mutations-
**(I no longer breed quakers. If you are interested I would be more than happy to redirect you.)**

MY Lovely Doves and Etc

Phone: 845-341-0411

Middletown NY

Love birds,Lutino,dutch blue,peach face Fisher dilutes, Diamond Doves ,Ring neck doves and canary's


Phone: 347-866-0541

Corona, Queens

I'm small hobby Breeder of Parrotlets.
All babies Parrotlets are raised with care healthy and get daily individual attention everyday.My job as a good breeder is to care and to prepare these baby Parrotlets for their new life with their prospective family. After pulled out the babies birds of the nexboxes a new life begin around the human life.
These small parrots are very intelligent,
entertaining and can learn up to 12 words when are trained.
So, I decided to create this page in order to share information and pictures with those people who enjoy having mini Parrotlets pets at home.

A-Z Birds and stuff.

Phone: 607-745-3614
1583 East Shore Drive Ithaca, 14850

Blue and Gold Macaw's, Greenwing Macaw's, Sun Conures, Cockatiel's Lineolated Parakeets. Regular Parakeets.

Hudson Valley Feathered Pals

Phone: 8452233022

Freihofer Lane Lagrangeville

Macaws, Cockatoos, Conures, African Grey

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