Buffwing Macaw For Sale

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Buffwing Macaw
Name:   Natasha  -  user reviews
Posted:   9/27/2017
Aviary:   High Birdie Aviary
Website:   Facebook.com/highbirdieaviary
Phone:   810-569-9029
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Location:   Swartz Creek , Michigan

Two female Buffwing Macaws available!


25% deposit and pay as you go until weaned!

Shipping available at buyers expense!

Any further questions, please give me a call.


Buffwing Macaw Babies
Name:   Natasha Oliver  -  user reviews
Posted:   8/23/2017
Aviary:   High Birdie Aviary, LLC
Website:   Facebook: High Birdie Aviary
Phone:   (810) 569-9029 OR (810)347-3454
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Location:   Swartz Creek , Michigan

Buffwing Macaw Babies -- $2,500
Green Wing Macaw X Buffons Macaw

The babies are hand reared from day one. When the time comes they will be transitioned to a fresh veggie and pellet diet. These babies will be fully weaned by the time they leave for their forever home!

We encourage you to come visit your baby during the weaning process to create a lifelong bond.

We are currently accepting 25% non-refundable deposits. We also accept payments until your baby is fully weaned.

Shipping is available at buyer's expense via United Airlines Pet Safe Program.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact High Birdie Aviary.

High Birdie Aviary, LLC
Natasha Oliver / Ryan Brown
Potential Breeder Pair
Name:   Heather Behland  -  user reviews
Posted:   6/28/2017
Aviary:   Mother Clutchers
Phone:   2245080087
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Location:   Elgin , Illinois

A beautiful 2 year old male BuffWing Macaw surgically sexed and a 9 year old female Greenwing. These two were originally pets but have bonded together and want nothing to do with anyone other than themselves. Although not proven because the Buffwing is young, these two will make incredible looking 2nd generation Buffwings.
$1800 for the pair!