Catalina Macaws for sale

Blue headed macaws cockatoos
Name:   Sergio Martinez  -  user reviews
Posted:   11/4/2017
Aviary:   Parrotsrus
Phone:   7863267698
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Location:   Fort pierce , Florida

2 umbrella cockatoo $800 each
Proven pair of greater sulpher crested cockatoos $1800
Proven pair of bare eyed cockatoo $1000
proven pair of catalina macaw with a Greenwing macaw $1800
Rare proven pair of blue headed Macaws $12,000
Sergio (786)326-7698
Large Catalina Macaw Hand fed Baby
Name:   Parrot Daddy  -  user reviews
Posted:   10/10/2017
Phone:   866-922-7754
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Location:   Florida , Florida

Large Catalina Macaw Hand-fed Baby with Super Head Color Available 2400.00

Our Catalina's are topping out between 1400 to 1500+ grams. This is 300 to 500 grams higher than the average Catalina with longer wing span You will see lot's of head color on this baby that normal Catalina's do not have. So if your looking for a true specimen, don't miss out on this baby. All babies are socialized in a family atmosphere.

We used the absolute largest specimen breeding stock available. The Massive Central American Scarlet's (Ara macao cyanoptera) utilized for this Hybrid Macaw are the largest ever seen by most breeders and have vivid colors with large four feather wide yellow wing banding. Great for training, free fight and show birds.

Why we are different? We do not buy babies from many different breeders and raise together to resell. Our babies come from a closed aviary since 1999, that means the we do not buy, trade babies and or adult birds. We have not introduced any new stock since 1999. We do not sell at Bird Fairs and or Trade Shows. This assures that you the buyer is getting top quality babies that has not been exposed to sickness and or disease. All it takes is one client with infected stock to walk into a pet shop to expose birds. Disease testing is not a fail-safe due to long incubation periods. You and your new baby deserve absolutely the best and you should demand these standards before you buy.

Feel free to contact us at 866-922-7754 for more details and or visit and or for reviews (Please note; due to internet scams we will only respond from web form on one of our home sites listed above and or by phone. Also we do not sell adult birds and or ship out of the USA)

Proven pairs pets
Name:   sergio martinez  -  user reviews
Posted:   8/21/2017
Aviary:   Parrotsrus
Phone:   7863267698
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Location:   Ft. Pierce , Florida

Friendly rare female Timor Cockatoo $900
Friendly female Umbrella cockatoo $900
Friendly Greenwing Macaw $1100
2 friendly scarlet macaws $1000 each
Friendly Haliquin Macaw $1100
Friendly Catalina Macaw $1100
Friendly female medium sulfur crested cockatoo $850
2 proven pairs of Congo African grays $1800 a pair
Proven pair of Moluccan Cockatoos $1950
Friendly male greater sulpher $1000
Pair of greater sulfur crested cockatoo's $1900
Friendly Pair of Triaton cockatoos $2000
Friendly White belly $750

Sergio (786)326-7698
Catalina Macaw Babies
Name:   Mandy  -  user reviews
Posted:   8/4/2017
Aviary:   Hudson Valley Feathered Pals
Phone:   8452233022
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Location:   Lagrangeville , New York

Accepting deposit now to one of the most striking not just in beauty but person in macaw specie named Catalina macaw. This baby is being weaned and handfed while doing maximum socialization so it can be easily adjust in different circumstances in the future home of this baby. I have two available. The price is for each baby which will come with DNa and lifetime call and on hand, help support if needed to ensure the well being of this baby. I also usually start doing basic recall and potty train with my birds before going to their new home. My birds are well known to be gentle, friendly and loving and I have so much reference from previous people who had the pleasure of owning my babies to attest that. For inquiries and question please feel free to call me at (845) 223-3022. I take pride of raising these beautiful, healthy and well socialized birds therefore I would like to talk to you rather than email or text to know if you will be a good fit to my loving babies.