Military Macaw For Sale

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Military Macaw Baby Endangered Species
Name:   AJ's Feathered Friends Pet Shop  -  user reviews
Posted:   10/24/2017
Aviary:   AJ's Aviary
Phone:   847-695-5624
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Location:   Elgin , Illinois

Now handfeeding 1 Military Macaw Baby. Our goal is to raise these babies in a family setting filled with other animals and children so that there is minimal stress when brought into your home. Basic commands and multi person socialization are implemented into the babies daily routine. This baby is on the Endangered Species list. We will not ship, and sales must be within the state of Illinois. We are a brick and mortor family owned and operated store with Certified Avian Specialists on staff. We specialize in babies but also rehome rescued and adult birds. Check out our website to see what we're about. Interest free payment plans available and we do ship for $200 anywhere in the United States. $2400 feel free to call for a faster response 847-695-5624
Scarlet Macaw Baby
Name:   Berlant Peppard  -  user reviews
Posted:   9/9/2017
Aviary:   Tropic Island Bird and Supply
Phone:   619-447-4171
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Location:   San Diego , California

Scarlet Macaw Baby, Handfed, Gorgeous, Will make a great pet and family companion! 1 left at $2200. Available at Tropic Island Bird and Supply, located at 4760 Voltaire St. San Diego, CA 92107
call 619-447-4171 and Visit our Website plus follow us on Facebook ! Other Macaws available as of 9/9/17 include Blue and Gold Macaw babies for $1900 each; a 3 year old tame female Military Macaw for $1200; and a 1 year old male Hyacinth Macaw male for $14,000. Great Deals on Great Macaws!
(Shipping available for extra actual shipping and crate charges).
Name:   mike  -  user reviews
Posted:   7/31/2017
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Location:   Miami , Florida


birds are PERFECT from head to toe, female lays 4-6 eggs a cluth.
Pairs Singles for Sale
Name:   John Messmer  -  user reviews
Posted:   6/26/2017
Aviary:   J&J Aviary
Phone:   7068330801
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Location:   Shallote , North Carolina

1 F Vineaous Amazon permit required
2 F Bodini amazons 750 ea
1 pr. Bare Eyed Cockatoo s 1200.00
3 pr. Green Wing Macaws 1500 pr
1 pr Blue and Gold Macaws 1200 pr.
2 Pr Military Macaws 1000.00 pr
1 M Citron Cockatoo 600.00
1 M Timnehs Grey 400.00
1 M Congo Grey 600.00

1 M Gold cap Conure
1 F Major Mitchell's

Please call with more info
No Shipping out of Country!!! No Scammers please been doing birds a longtime and will not fall for it!! Shipping is Available
Name:   Ryan  -  user reviews
Posted:   5/29/2017
Aviary:   Feathered heads MD Aviary
Phone:   443-990-5095
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Location:   Baltimore Maryland , Maryland

All adults.

Female blue and gold
Plucked,Crocket beak. Good breeder 6 years old laying eggs

Blue and gold male 14 years old proven plucked
Calico (military/green wing) 9 years old
Tame proven

Both females are sweet male is a breeder. Mean
All birds talk.
Call or text 443-990-5095. Willing to make a deal on all three birds.
Name:   Alan Howard  -  user reviews
Posted:   4/12/2017
Phone:   515-554-1164
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Location:   Colfax , Iowa

I have a male Military and a male Blue and Gold Macaw for sale with cages and play stations. $700.00 each.

Name:   Tom Gay  -  user reviews
Posted:   12/11/2016
Aviary:   Avian Events, LLC
Phone:   (770) 500-2882
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Location:   Conyers , Georgia

Birds for sale

white front pinous 750.00 sweet
blue head pinous 700.00 steps up but you have to make friends, this years baby
orange wing amazon 1200.00 this years, tame
crimson belly conures 750.00 this years
mulloccan cockatoo 2400.00 sweet 7 years old
harlequin macaw 2400.00 sweet, this years
congo babies 1750.00 sweet
timneh 1200.00 very sweet, missing several toes but perches well
shamrock macaw 2400.00 sweet, this years
umbrella cockatoo 1600.00 each, sweet. 1 female baby, one male 3 years old
military macaw sale 975.00. sweet, this years, Ga only
scarlet macaw 2000.00 sweet, this years
red front macaw 1600.00 sweet, this years
panama amazon 1400.00 sweet, this years
eclectus female baby, red sided, 1600.00
greater jardine 1400.00 tame
lesser jardine 1200.00 tame
hybrid jardine 800.00 tame most of the time, last years
sun conures 350.00 tame this years