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Name: qanber
Description: Looking for baby cockatiel that 2 - 4 weeks old. If you have any please send me picture and prices. I have experience in hand feeding babies. IF the price is good I might take 3 babies.

I will drive up to 2 hours.

Name: CylindaSCase
Description: DNA certified blue and gold macaws boy and girl hand raised hand fed chips in them in case lost or stolen. To be able to name them myself from time born and delivered around November for my birthday if possible!!!!

Name: Nancy Mileski
Description: Love bird female yellow with orange face. Age four to six years old. Does not have to be friendly. My bird needs a friend.

Name: ETHEL watts
Description: Young adult female umbrella Cockatoo the timna

Name: Lee Nelson
Description: Looking for a Jenday Conure. Please email if available.

Name: Elvis Adorno
Description: Tame Rose breasted cockatoo if possible?

Name: Corrine
Description: I am looking for breeding age Cockatiels. I have a large aviary for them and am looking for between 8 and 15 pair. I am open to young and unpaired Cockatiels and would love if the breeder would put together pairs. I am looking for albino and dark eyed clear Pearls, Pied, Fallows ,Lutino’s ,DYC, WF ,Emeralds.. pastel and dark eye lutino
no grey.
and probably shipping
. I am a responsible bird owner and hobby breeder. I am a licensed retailer but my breeders are a hobby and will have a forever home.
I like the more unusual mutations and currently have dec white and yellow pastel Fischer’s , high red factor sun conures and dec white, opaline and albino Quakers.
I have a very large indoor aviary for cockatiels ( I live in the northwest and the weather isn’t always accommodating but the house and bird enclosures are clean and big, but am picky about the birds I keep for myself because they are my kids when my grandkids aren't around & I like to keep things manageable, lol
I would like to purchase wholesale if possible.
Thanks so much

Corrine Turley

Avian Allure
Vancouver, Wa 98661
cell (360) 989-0649 (text OK)
Fax (800) 861-5047
UBI: 603292408
Tax Resale ID: 474628406

Name: Judy Jacques
Description: Adult female lilac crown and adult pair lilac crown amazons.

Name: Leigh
Description: Looking for a female double yellow head around 15 years old.

Name: christine mcgee
Description: I am Looking for a baby or a young red fan (hawk headed) parrot.I am not looking for breeders just for a companion. Thanks. :)

Name: Lauritz
Description: I'm looking for a 9 to 12 year old male (DNA Certified) red fronted pet macaw to add to my little flock of 2 females. I've got cages and play stands in 4 rooms of my house and an outdoor aviary for warm days. I'm not setting the stage for breeding, more like occassional companionship and play time. We just want that macho element around to stir things up a bit. I'm an experienced bird owner for 25 years and have hand fed my girls. They are very healthy, albiet aloof sweethearts and a male around the house, even if he is seperated most of the time just seems right. I don't have to worry about the noise. Feel free to contact me. Email is the best way, but if you phone, please leave me a call-back number. I will drive within a couple hundred miles. Thanks

Name: raquel
Description: lovebird female my was 12 year old and die

Name: Jose Luis Calvar Collazo
Description: Im looking for one black crown and one Hill myna.
Please if you can help me, let me know where i can get thar birds in Namibia or South Africa.


Name: Barbara tate
Description: We are looking for a sulfur creasted cocatoo. We were heartbroken when ours passed, then we were scammed. That won't happen again

Name: Brian Frazer
Description: I am looking for a Goffin Cockatoo.
Thank you

Name: Rosie DeLuna
Description: I am looking for a DNA tested - male, Tame, Indian ringneck blue or Violet preferred. please contact me and let me know what is available and the cost.

Do you handle financing?

Name: Wilson
Description: We need 2 mature male blue crown conures fir our lonesome egg laying girls.

Name: Brooke
Description: I am looking for a clutch of either Scarlet Macaw or Blue and Gold Macaw eggs to incubate for hand-rearing. I would prefer not to have to worry about shipping over more than one state line.

Name: Jose
Description: Cornure female

Name: Helen Young-Rivera
Description: I am interested in a Military MaCaw. I met a MMCaw and he and I were "magic". Sadly, I delayed buying him because of an upcoming surgery - thinking I could wait until after the surgery. He was sold :( My heart is broken. I was wrapped up in his feathery world in a spin cycle where time and place passed. I really believe it was mutual. He was 1 and 1/2 years old.

I would like to find a young, military macaw who I could be wrapped up in love where time and place disappears. I am hoping I can find my feathery birdy baby-love. I am an excellent Mom. Lots of time and attention.

I have never purchased a bird. I am trying to find a bird locally, first - so that I know their personality - regardless of age.

But, if I can't I would be curious to know how a bird could be shipped?

Thank you,

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