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Name: pilatus-birds
Description: I'm looking for young Red-vented Cockatoo for the breed. Cacatua haematuropygia

Name: Lindsay Stonelake
Description: I'm looking for a hand fed baby Linnie. We have no preference of color or gender. He or she will be a family pet. I've looked high & low & cant find any that's aren't over 300+ shipping. Thank you so much:)

Name: Charles Patterson
Description: Mealy amazon (A. farinosa)

Name: Marvin
Description: I'm looking for a female green winged macaw. Does not need to be tamed. I would prefer a breeder.

Name: Jason
Description: Looking for a male Green cheek Conure for pickup in Burlington County NJ. Pineapple or yellow sided, parent raised or hand fed. Would prefer about 1 year old but age is not extremely important.

Name: Raynelle
Description: I am looking for a Scarlet Macaw! I'm looking to bring a Macaw into the home around Christmas time. I have a budget of $900

Best way to reach me is to text the phone number

Thanks in advance!

Name: Lynn Dickens
Description: Cross over quaker.yellow
Pied quaker
Bright blue
Must be very sweet

Name: Madalyn Harvey
Description: I'm looking for a pionus -- preferably a blue-headed or bronze wing but other species are fine. I don't mind a older bird and he/she doesn't have to be super tame but an aggressive bird is not a good fit. Email is best.

Name: Nona
Description: Red-Tailed, Black Cockatoo, Male

Name: Beatrice campisi
Description: Im looking for a amazon female young and tame, Im in san jose ca, so need it close not over $600.00thanks Bea 408-807-4435

Name: Richard C Gwin
Description: I'm looking to fill a hole in my heart as my beloved Noble died last Nov and I can't locate one anywhere.I'd prefer an older bird who wants a lot of love.

Name: Carla
Description: Female Congo African greys 3 to ? In age

Name: Wilson
Description: Male Congo grey, proven or mature
Male plum head, one year or older
Male eclectus, proven or mature
Male yellow front

Name: Lynda
Description: African Grey Parrot. My husband died not so long ago and I have a son with high spectrum autism. Want the a bird for him for therapy. Willing to pay up to 400.00 or 500.00
Thank you to anyone that can help a boy that has lost so much

Name: Brooke
Description: Baby lovebird, preferably blue. m or f will love either one!

Name: Sally
Description: Pair of Yellow-bibbed lories, young pair with hatch date,bonded pair young. Call or text.

Name: eileen
Description: Looking to trade a 3 year old, DNA tested male white belly caique for a young DNA tested female.
Willing to travel some.

Name: Crystal Orozco
Description: Looking for a young tamed sun conure
doesnt matter the gender

Name: George
Description: Looking for two young and tamed love birds

Name: Donnah
Description: Looking for Bourke Parakeets had these sweet babies years ago would love a pair for breeding thank you

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