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Name: Jon
Description: Mexican redhead parrot

Name: Kimberley Mcminn
Description: I am looking for African grey or another good talking bird. I have a limited budget but I am an experienced bird person and will give bird a great home. I am empty nester with free time to give bird. They become a member of our family.

I am ready to make puchase now for the right bird.


Name: Chumo
Description: ISO a proven pair of Indian ringneck. 2years +

Name: lloyd bireley
Description: looking for a pair of canary's

Description: rainbow larrikett

Name: Michele Landi
Description: female Eclectus

Name: Carol
Description: Looking for a Nanday Conure, but I'd consider some of the otherconure breeds.
Please contact me with info.
Thank you

Name: mike
Description: Mealy Amazon parrot Male

Name: Shelley preston
Description: Lime Thighed Caique

Name: Tonya Lynn Robinson
Description: Macaw or grey parrots

Name: John Killoran
Description: Want a mature Female Blue/Gold Macaw to be a friend with my Macaw.

Name: Mary Lou Williams
Description: Maximilian Pionus

Name: chris
Description: cockatiels friendly play well with others lost a mate to one he is lonely

Name: Mary Lou Williams
Description: Maxi Pionus, please. I have a large cage, two carriers, and lots of toys. I had a CAG for years and he died from a fall. I have a lifetime of experience with birds, their needs and food. I am retired and have plenty of time to give the love and care he would need. Thank you. If you know anyone in the NY, CT, MA area,who may have a Maximilian Pionus, for adoption or a low price, please let me know.

Name: Cathy
Description: Looking for adult female cockatiel. Preferably tamed,but will consider untamed if price is reasonable. Thank you

Name: Daniel
Description: Im looking for a true galerita greater sulphur crested cockatoo not a blue eyed Triton tame or untamed is fine would like to trade a very nice large female M2 in perfect feather

Name: Chris Berkel
Description: Red Factor Canaries, natural color...NOT color fed.

Name: Wilson
Description: We need the following adult birds.
Female blue front amazon
Male derbyan parakeet
Male illiger
Female goffin

Current photos are a must.

Name: Gayle Smith
Description: I'm interested in a male and female Parrotlets with one of them being a blue color. What are your prices on each one of them and do you give discounts if bought in pair?? Please text:601-331-2368 or email me since I'm at work.
Thank you, Gayle Smith

Name: Christinelegrice
Description: Hand tame baby peach frontcobure

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