Moluccan Cockatoos for sale

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Proven pairs singles
Name:   Sergio  -  user reviews
Posted:   3/4/2018
Aviary:   Parrotsrus
Phone:   7863267698
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Location:   Ft pierce , Florida

Proven pair of Blue Gold Macaw $1200
2 Tamed moluccan cockatoos $1300 each
Magna double yellow headed Amazon breeder male $700
Pair of African Greys some plucking $1600
Friendly Cuban Amazon Florida only $850
Proven pair of white belly caique $1500
Baby Tamed weaned white belly caique $700
Male orange wing Amazon $550
Conure $100
(786)326-7698 sergio
Moluccan cockatoos goffin trade
Name:   Daniel  -  user reviews
Posted:   1/25/2018
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, Georgia

Two moluccan cockatoos presumably male they are tsme/semi tame with the right owner would make great breeders allso and I have a goffin not agressive but flighty moluccans are around 15years goffin is About 5years would love to trade both moluccans or a moluccan and the goffin for a very sweet cockatoo preferably another moluccan or umbrella would prefer a newly weaned or hand feeding age chick as I am experienced in feeding
32 yo Male Moluccan Cockatoo
Name:   Kathleen Jacobson  -  user reviews
Posted:   11/24/2017
Phone:   484-793-3361
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Location:   Reading , Pennsylvania

We adopted Peaches 5 hrs ago. He’d suffered trauma watching his prior “parent” shoot himself in the head. Peaches suffered from abreactions to sounds of gunshots and sirens. He came along so well. A lot of love, hugs, good food, and socializing - he loves car rides and scratches/petting at the pet store.

Peaches love nuts, but he’s very lazy about cracking them. People food is his favorite: pasta, chicken, salmon, carrots, corn, peas, broccoli, mashed potatoes, red meat (especially the fat)... He does enjoy a vanilla ice cream cone a couple of times during the summer.

Peaches loves to be hugged and scratched under his wings. He’s very good about having his talons clipped. He’s fully flighted, though he chooses not to fly an whole lot.

My doctor at the University of Pennsylvania discovered I have severe asthma and I have to rehome Peaches. The dustiness causes me to be very ill. I love Peaches. We have 4 parrots and he’s the one I adore, without question. He must go to an experienced large parrot owner who understands this breed. Oh, you have to trick him into showering. He’s great once that nice warm water hits him.

Be aware that a Moluccan Cockatoo has a bite of 800 psi and is known as a “jetliner bird” because their screams are about 10 decibels below a Jet. They tend to scream 2 to 3 times a day. They are wild birds and are just doing what they’d do in the wall. Peaches’ scream duration can be reduced when I speak quietly and calmly to use his “inside voice.”

Peaches will come with the following:
Cage (large)
Boxes (he loves to play with large boxes-put together with one side open. Peekaboo is a game he often enjoys)

The price is for Peaches. The rest is being given to help you. So, no price reduction. If there’s something you don’t want, just let me know.

Price - $1,000.00 + Shipping/Handling