Hyacinth Macaws for sale

Anodorhynchus Hyacinthinus, or most commonly known as the Hyacinth Macaw, is a South American, endangered species of birds. They are the largest of the Parrot family with the male macaw measuring up to about 40 inches in length and weighing 2 to 3 pounds. They are stunning blue colored with vivid yellow rings around the eyes and the corners of the beak.

These Gentle Giants are similar to the Great Dane breed of dogs. Though they appear large in size, their behavior is gentle and friendly.

Name:   CHERANE PEFLEY  -  user reviews
Posted:   1/28/2018
Website:   www.bluemacaws.com
Phone:   561.594.7007
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Location:   lOXAHATCHEE GROVES, FL , Florida

I have pristine pairs with testing results for bornavirus, polyoma for thirty years in business, never a virus. If your
looking for window shopping pass me by for my couples are going ot where they belong. One of each green wings pair,
Capri, and wideband scarlet macaw pair, blue and gold pair, one hyacinth macaw pair. I'm not on the cheap side for
these birds are leaving only due to my age and handling is harder for me. Established and proven. I do not mind at your
cost that Dr. Goldsmith comes with you for examination. Dr. Thomas Goldsmith. Pairs are of less and less here in the
un. I also have unrelated blue-throated macaws (i hatched paired with unrelated thirteen years ago_ Camelot and
wideband scarlet macaw..........blue headed macaws my third generation. I practice biosecurity so you will not hold,
handled my birds for none other has touched my birds in the last thirty years other than veterinarians. I have several pairs of
hyacinth macaws and Blue-headed macaws.
Located in Loxahatchee Groves, middle of the Lyons Den. The mentioned birds have been with me on this property for years, established and an FOIA with the FWC will verify this my inventory. I do not sell my babies to brokers, nor do I deal with
brokers like Terri, Jessica or Sergio.
I have to block this facebook PM OR MESSENGER, if you're interested, please

Verification that you have the money to purchase must be given to me before look.
270 videos of my exotic birds on youtube under my name cherane pefley
Scarlet Macaw Baby
Name:   Berlant Peppard  -  user reviews
Posted:   9/9/2017
Aviary:   Tropic Island Bird and Supply
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Location:   San Diego , California

Scarlet Macaw Baby, Handfed, Gorgeous, Will make a great pet and family companion! 1 left at $2200. Available at Tropic Island Bird and Supply, located at 4760 Voltaire St. San Diego, CA 92107
call 619-447-4171 and Visit our Website plus follow us on Facebook ! Other Macaws available as of 9/9/17 include Blue and Gold Macaw babies for $1900 each; a 3 year old tame female Military Macaw for $1200; and a 1 year old male Hyacinth Macaw male for $14,000. Great Deals on Great Macaws!
(Shipping available for extra actual shipping and crate charges).
Hyacinth Macaw f sale joint pairing
Name:   Pongo Exotics  -  user reviews
Posted:   9/2/2017
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Location:   Cocoa , Florida

Hyacinth macaw- unbelievably friendly 12 year old boy, has been used in educational programs has never bitten a single person. When he was younger he plucked his chest and abdomen but his wings, tail, and head are immaculate he no longer plucks and is one gorgeous boy. He speaks very well for a hy especially, lays on his back like a baby, hides his face with his wing and says peekaboo. He was paired with a friends female and produced 3 chicks out of 2 clutches before she kept one of the babies and sold her female.
I support ethical breeding but I won't allow him to go to a breeding only home. Serious inquiries please.

Hyacinth Macaw

The Hyacinth Macaws would be ideal for people who have had some previous experience with birds as they need to be taken care of pretty well. As their wings span up to 4 feet, they need adequate room to stretch and as such may be kept in large cages, but it would be a good idea to allow them to have an hour or two of play time in a day. This improves their muscle strength and gives them a healthy lifestyle as a whole.

Born with one of the strongest beaks, adapted to break sturdy nuts that are available in the South American region, these birds ideally need large and strong chewable toys to keep their beaks and jaws strong. They are instinctive in hitting their beaks hard on such toys, and it would be best to use a large toy with a leather covering to be used for the purpose. Also, they have a wide range of sounds that the vocals can produce, ranging from loud screeches to soft purrs.

Another problem that arises due to their strong beak is the choice of cage. Any ordinary cage would be broken down into pieces in no time. As such only strong stainless steel cages are suitable. The stainless steel is hard and durable for the purpose, and though the initial cost may be high to own such a cage, it would prove to be much cheaper in the long run.

The diet food that is fed to the bird needs to be highly specific. They have a very high metabolic rate allowing them to digest fats very easily. They tend to feed on nuts from palm trees that are available in the wild. But when owned as pets, they could be fed almonds, cashews, pistachios, Brazil nuts and walnuts. In addition they could also be fed with fruits, vegetables and other pellet based diets.

The Hyacinth Macaws are suited to live in company. They need human comfort and attention on a regular basis. If left alone they could grow wild and start screaming and screeching excessively. They could also live in harmony with other birds, provided they are introduced to them at a young age. They love to bond with humans and can connect with their owners very strongly. The attachment develops fast and is not easy to let go off.

If trained with the right care and attention, these are one of the most suitable birds to pet. Regular play gym, fiber-rich diet, sturdy play toys, impact resisting cages and regular interaction is required to keep them healthy and have a long life of up to 60 years.