18 month old pacific blue Parrotlet

Title:   18 month old pacific blue Parrotlet
Name:   Tamara Donayre   User Review

Date:   10/10/2017
Phone:   6198848295
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Location:   San Diego,

Beautiful pacific blue Parrotlet .. ready to meet his mate..

Littlebird is a friendly little fellow . He says “whaddaya doing . “ and his name “Littlebird, “ he loves to sing in the morning.. he adores quinoa amaranth and oats along with his fruits in the morning.. Hes quite independent and doesn’t seem to mind his peaceful time alone.. my business is picking up and I don’t have enough time for him, but he’s a charming little fellow and would be a wonderful addition to a kind loving home . Keep them free range and I just clips the first two were three of his wings so he can fly to this perch that I have hanging from the ceiling .. text me for more photos ..619-884-8295 ..

Thank you!

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