Breeding pair Congo African Greys

Title:   Breeding pair Congo African Greys
Name:   Jason Dupont   User Review

Date:   12/5/2017
Phone:   575-430-9330
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Location:   Alamogordo,

I have a Breeding pair of Congo African Greys. The Male name is Cash, and the female is Mango. Both born in Nov of 2008. They will only be sold as a pair, and the price does include the cage. Downsizing, and want to ensure they go to a good home.

Also a bit on there personality. The male is a very good protector of his mate and will bite if given the chance. The female is much more social and will bond easily. She does like to be around the action and is always curious.

Mating tidbits. Cash and Mango are very otni each other and are seen mating numerous times throughout the year. I installed a mating box a couple years ago and since then we have had 2 rounds of 3 egg clutches but have been unsuccessful hatching baby Congo''s. Had a couple times when the hatchling peeped but did not breach the shell. Believe it was a humidity problem. Female is a devoted momma and spends all day tending to her eggs. She also plucks her chest feathers during season to allow for heat transfer to eggs.

Asking price is $3000. If interested contact Jason @ 575-430-9330 or

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