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Name: Gary
Description: Senegal Hen. Breeder only. No pets please.

No scammers. Don't waste your time. I will check you out.

Name: Kimberly
Description: I️ am looking for plum headed parakeets. I would prefer a pair, but I will happily take just a male or just a female,

Description: I am actively looking for a Timneh African Grey. I recently cared for one for a friend while she was ill and have decided I would like one of my own.

Name: Holly Carroll
Description: Mustache Parakeet female

Name: Gary
Description: Goffins Cockatoo Hen. Breeder only. No pets please.

No scammers. Don't waste your time. I will check you out.

Name: Sue habeger
Description: Bourke parakeet

Name: paul forish
Description: Looking for adult macaws?500 or less

Name: wendy doerre
Description: MALE- cockatiel normal gray with gray and white wings YELLOW head with bright vibrent bright orange cheeks.send picture would want new born not mature bird.

Name: Kim Martin
Description: hand fed baby male parakeet

Name: ili popow
Description: Looking for a mustache and a ringneck parakeet.. Male. No white.. Only in South Florida, as I want to pick up.. No shipping pls.


Name: Shirley brickey
Description: Lovebird

Name: cathy
Description: I would like a cockatiel white faced( preferably) baby hand fed looking for a great cockatiel THANK YOU

Name: Curt Sowell
Description: Female Blue Crowned Conre approximately 7-8 months old for my male.

Name: VINA
Description: I would like to get a green and red shoulder macaw


Name: Curt Sowell
Description: Looking for a female Blue Crowned Conure approx 7 -8 months old for my male.

Name: David
Description: Red-masked adult female for breeding.

Name: Mark mancini
Description: Black palm cockatoo

Name: Tenessa J Hook
Description: i want a female rose breasted cockatoo

Name: Frank Taurisano
Description: Female Lesser sulphur crested cockatoo or Female Citron Cockatoo

Name: tracy saunders
Description: nanday conure

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