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Name:  BRENDA WOLODKIN  -   user reviews
Posted:   11/16/2017
Aviary:   Brendas parrot place
Phone:   8107669250
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Location:  MT MORRIS
, Michigan
Hagen Large Tropi Mix parrot food for the larger parrots. The birds love this food. It has a mixture of pellets with nuts,dried fruits. It is $75.00 plus shipping for a 201b bag or $18.00 plus shipping for a 4lb bag.

Name:  Kathrin semerik  -   user reviews
Posted:   9/18/2017
Phone:   4129160292
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Location:  McKees Rocks 15136
, Pennsylvania
4 open nests, 5 closed nests. $5 each.

Name:  Chris  -   user reviews
Posted:   9/13/2017
Aviary:   Species Survival
Phone:   951 506 4442
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Location:  San Diego
, California
8 Cages, 2' wide, x 5' high x 6' long, 12 g GAW wire (English), 1"x2" openings, some have 10 g.GAW l"x3" bottoms. Nestboxes included. Food & Nestbox on one end with door on opposite end so misters can be run down back without getting food & water wet. Metal face on nestbox so birds can't chew face of nestbox and U channel around nestbox openings. L shaped wood with metal lining in most. Must pick up in Temecula, Ca. $95 ea. (empty... no birds)

Name:  Eric Broadwell  -   user reviews
Posted:   6/29/2017
Phone:   678-520-7337
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Location:  Roswell
, Georgia
Custom Stainless Breeder cage. Built by Macaws Only with macaw proof latches and easy access to breeder nest. 56W 44D and 78Tall

Name:  Scott Robins  -   user reviews
Posted:   6/15/2017
Phone:   (847)204-8932
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Location:  Chicago
, Illinois
Professional trainer selling Parrot Show Props from my KeyLime Cove Waterpark and Resort Show

All props sized for Macaws/Cockatoos

Bicycle, scooter,slide, flag pole w pirate flag and US Flag

Props were over $1000 brand new
Selling $750
Pick up or you pay for UPS shipping

Prefer to sell as complete package

Name:  lisa  -   user reviews
Posted:   6/10/2017
Phone:   4077486903
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Location:  Oviedo
, Florida
Have a large Grumbach double tray incubator we bought and never used, Stored in an enclosed shed. Heavy cannot ship.

Name:  Derreck ennedy  -   user reviews
Posted:   6/3/2017
Phone:   315-362-9772
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Location:  syracuse
, New York
One Peckomatic Poultry Drinker is for sale.
Introductory Offer - 50 % Discount

Use Peckomatic Poultry Drinker to water your birds! It is Easy, Clean, Reliable, Inexpensive!!!

Super Easy to Setup & Assemble

Peckomatic Poultry Drinker is an innovative way to provide fresh,clean water "on demand" to your flock!

Helps to keep the water clean & clear and maintain optimal hygiene

Easily medicate your birds.

Spend less time watering your birds and more time enjoying them!

Water all your young and adult birds - chickens, pheasants, pigeons , partridges , turkeys , quails and more!!!

Install a Poultry Drinker for your birds today!

Name:  Chris  -   user reviews
Posted:   5/21/2017
Aviary:   Species Survival Aviary
Phone:   951 506 4442
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Location:  Temecula
, California
8 Breeding Cages with nest boxes for african greys or amazons. l"x2" 12 g GAW English Wire.. nestbox and food at one end, door at opposite end so misters can be run along door end. 2' wide x 6' long x 5' high. Nest Boxes are wood with metal lining and metal face against wire so they can't chew wood and U channel around openings for their entry and viewing. L upside down so they go in and have a platform prior to descending...and great for feeding young.
Set of 8 takes up 14' x 8' space...very compact and easy to work. $899 for set or $125 each.
Pickup in Temecula, Ca. Some singles with no nest boxes.. and a few 10g 1x3",4'x 5'x 6' macaw or cockatoo cages.

Name:  Michael Udo  -   user reviews
Posted:   5/17/2017
Phone:   717-659-8706
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Location:  Spring Grove
, Pennsylvania
This is a California Cage. 72" x 40" x 30". It is in good condition for a 14 year old cage. It has spots where the paint is worn. It includes a recycling feeder and big wooden chew toys. There are also two steel toys. It has three manzanita pierces and one cement perch.

I'm asking $250 OBO

Name:  MELISSA  -   user reviews
Posted:   5/12/2017
Aviary:   Full Nest Aviary
Phone:   5129900833
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We have a variety of metal and wood nest boxes available for sale from medium sized birds to large Macaws.

Let us know what bird it is for, and we'll tell you what we have. Most are metal. We have 1-2 that are wood.

We also have a Grumbach incubator, water bottles, a brooder/incubator/icu unit, etc.

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