Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoos for sale

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DNA Male Greater Sulphur Crested
Name:   California  -  user reviews
Posted:   6/27/2017
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, California

tame, adult male Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
good health and feather
Shipping at buyers expense.
F Triton Cockatoo
Name:   Ray  -  user reviews
Posted:   6/16/2017
Phone:   602-568-2336
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Location:   Orlando , Florida

Due to unforeseen circumstances which breaks my heart unfortunately I am forced to put up all of my loving pet bird companions up for adoption. They all have to go including cages, stands, Java tree and many more which will be sold separately. I will be listing the birds itemized below individually with pictures and descriptions.

This is Tita a gorgeous large female Triton Cockatoo. She is a 6 year old closed banded gentle giant. She is very loving, affectionate, docile with a great personality. She is very polite and has a lot of grace and not in the business of biting none what so ever. Her demeanor in nature is very different than other species of cockatoos and even sounds very different also. Unlike other species of cockatoos she does not scream to beg for attention. She adores being held and snuggled with and raises her wings and lowers her head to be scratched. She is a great talker and also speaks a human like language she only understands. She barks, whistles and in middle of the night when all the lights are out she makes a “ohh” sound to spook me just for the fun of it. She always stays on her stand and never wanders off. When I say if Tita is a good girl she bobs her head every time. She loves human food like chicken legs, rice and pasta including peanut butter sandwiches. She specially goes crazy when I am having steaks and with those large eyes zooms on my plate like a hawk till I give her a piece. I have pictures showing her eating an entire lams rib. She will make a wonderful companion for the entire family.
She is an absolute love.

ABOUT Triton Cockatoos:
Triton cockatoos are native to New Guinea. They are often mistaken for the Galertia Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoos due to size which are found in Australia. However, they are subspecies of Galerita Greater Sulphur crested cockatoos and distinguished with dark blue eye rings, 18” height, large girth and very long curled crest. They are the second largest Sulphur crested cockatoo next to a greater Sulphur crested cockatoo. They are very intelligent, playful, charming, affectionate and can be taught to do tricks. If you remember the TV show 'Baretta' and 'Fred' the Cockatoo, Fred was a Triton cockatoo.
These is the listing of other my other birds which I soon be advertising separately:
1-Colombian Scarlet Macaw, M. , 6 years old super friendly (Exceptional) $1200
2-Moluccan Cockatoo, M., 8 years old, very peachy feathers and super friendly $1200
3-White Bellied Caique, M., 4 years old, wonderful and super friendly $650
4-Black Headed Caique, M., 2 years old, wonderful and super friendly $550
5-Jardine Parrot, M., 2 years old, super friendly $600
6-True galerita galerita cacatua Greater Sulphur crested baby, F., 12 wks old $4500
NOTE: It has taken me a year of searching the entire country to finally find a breeder who bred true galertia galerita Sulphur crested cockatoos. There was a boy and a girl in a clutch of 2 and they are huge. I had purchased both as personal pets not knowing I will end up selling them later. The male is already sold and what I am charging is what I initially paid for them. I will provide more information in the individual listing for her.
7- There are also several large to small nice cages available including play stand, Java tree and much more.

We are asking $1700 for the Triton Cockatoo. (we originally paid $2500 for her)

We are located in Orlando FL. No shipping
Local Pick up Only

You can call or text Ray @ 602-568-2336
Thank you.
Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Name:   California  -  user reviews
Posted:   6/11/2017
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, California

Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Tame, talks, prefers women, great feather
$2500 negotiable.
Please email for more details.
Thank you