Umbrella Cockatoos for sale

Umbrella Cockatoo Umbrella Cockatoo Umbrella Cockatoo
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umbrella cockatoo for sale
Name:   Glenn Fecteau  -  user reviews
Posted:   8/5/2017
Phone:   (603)520-9450
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Location:   Belmont , New Hampshire

Male umbrella Cockatoo,Loves attention,will make someone a good companion bird asking 400.00 dollars with lg.cage in descent shape.For local pickup only.Call or email for more information.
Rosebreasted Cockatoo
Name:   Steve  -  user reviews
Posted:   7/28/2017
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Location:   Orlando , Florida

I have several cockatoos for sale:
Rosie-4 months old, tame $1600
Rosie-1 year old, sort of tame, talking $1500
Rosie-mature, proven male
Eleonora- mature proven male, will incubate and feed young
Umbrella-mature, proven, female will incubate and feed young
We have many Baby Birds available
Name:   Ana Temple  -  user reviews
Posted:   7/18/2017
Aviary:   Ana's Parrots
Phone:   6464965005
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Location:   East Stroudsburg , Pennsylvania

We have many Baby Birds available. Some being hand fed & some already weaned. These babies are weaned onto veggies, premium lower fat content quality seed, and Zupreem/Roudybush pellets.
Northeast PA 18301. We can ship for $125 Weather Permitting & We can DNA for $40. Any questions please feel free to message me or email me at Thank you!
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Umbrella Cockatoo
Name:   Eli  -  user reviews
Posted:   6/21/2017
Aviary:   birdmans parrots
Phone:   7733173785
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Location:   chicago , Illinois

Currently hand feeding are sweet baby umbrella cockatoos. We are located at 5668 n Lincoln ave Chicago,il 60659. WE DO SHIP!!! WE OFFER FINANCING!!! Go to and apply today or call 773 317 3785 for more info
Umbrella Cockatoo baby
Name:   Mandy  -  user reviews
Posted:   6/2/2017
Phone:   8452233022
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Location:   Lagrangevile , New York

Looking for forever home is a 16 weeks old, female umbrella cockatoo. She's is weaned it still taking baby foods for human as a treat once a day. She is so sweet and cuddly and good with other pets. For inquiries call me. She is 1,650
Umbrella Cockatoo baby
Name:   Mandy  -  user reviews
Posted:   5/27/2017
Phone:   8452233022
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, New York

I have DNA'ed female, umbrella cockatoo that is handtame and weaned looking for her forever home. Very sociable and sweet. Call me for questions and inquiries 8452233022 thanks.

Will Travel get Rosie a good home
Name:   Rosie  -  user reviews
Posted:   5/19/2017
Phone:   559 658-1242
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Location:   Oakhurst , California

Female Umbrella Cockatoo. Friendly and affectionate, will not bite, has always been handled well. Not sure on age, but I think she is about 12 years old. Nice bird, she lays eggs every year. I've had her 7 years. In good health. I also have 3 cages that are available to go along with her, at no additional charge, and also a traveling cage. $450
Provin pairs tamed birds
Name:   Sergio  -  user reviews
Posted:   5/15/2017
Aviary:   Parrotsrus
Phone:   7863267698
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Location:   Fort pierce , Florida

3 Tamed African gray Congo $1000 each
2 Proven pairs of African grays $1800 a pair
2 friendly white belly caiques $800 each
Proven pair of Crimson belly Conures $650
Proven pair of pineapple Conures $200
Proven pair of golfin cockatoos $799
Orange wing Amazon $499
Proven pair of Panamanian Amazons $1000
Proven pair of blue front Conures $600
Friendly medium sulpher crested cockatoo $799
Friendly umbrella cockatoo $799
Female miligold plucked $350
Single breeder lesser sulfer crested cockatoo $599 not tamed
Blue front amazon $500
Miley Amazon $500
Proven Pair of citron cockatoos $1200
Sun conure $200
White eye conure $200
2 Proven Pair umbrellas cockatoos $1150/pair
goffin cockatoo $500
Citron cockatoo $600
2 proven Pair blue gold macaws $1199 each
Female molucaans cockatoos $850
Sergio (786)326-7698
Name:   Melissa  -  user reviews
Posted:   5/11/2017
Aviary:   Full Nest Aviary
Phone:   5129900833
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, Texas

We are downsizing and selling the following:

Umbrella pairs 2 or 3 pairs available: $1495-$1595
Proven Citron hen $995
Proven Citron pair $2295
Triton single male pet or breeder $1595

Umbrella Cockatoo
Name:   Lily  -  user reviews
Posted:   1/14/2017
Aviary:   Lily's Love 4 Parrots
Phone:   5708610920
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Location:   Hazle Township , Pennsylvania

This beautiful adult umbrella cockatoo is available. Friendly sweet cockatoo. Cockatoo experience. Shipping is available through United.

Name:   Alex Cordero  -  Posted:   12/31/2016
Aviary:   The Softbill Gallery
Phone:   973-944-0722
Location:   Morris County , New Jersey

Breeding pair of meyers parrot $750
Umbrella cockatoo for breeding $950
Baby Blues headed macaw call for $

If interested or have any questions please feel free and call 973-944-0722. phone calls from 9 am to 8 pm eastern standard time

Thank You: Alex

Shipping is available(if needed)--U.S only

Name:   Tom Gay  -  user reviews
Posted:   12/11/2016
Aviary:   Avian Events, LLC
Phone:   (770) 500-2882
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Conyers , Georgia

Birds for sale

white front pinous 750.00 sweet
blue head pinous 700.00 steps up but you have to make friends, this years baby
orange wing amazon 1200.00 this years, tame
crimson belly conures 750.00 this years
mulloccan cockatoo 2400.00 sweet 7 years old
harlequin macaw 2400.00 sweet, this years
congo babies 1750.00 sweet
timneh 1200.00 very sweet, missing several toes but perches well
shamrock macaw 2400.00 sweet, this years
umbrella cockatoo 1600.00 each, sweet. 1 female baby, one male 3 years old
military macaw sale 975.00. sweet, this years, Ga only
scarlet macaw 2000.00 sweet, this years
red front macaw 1600.00 sweet, this years
panama amazon 1400.00 sweet, this years
eclectus female baby, red sided, 1600.00
greater jardine 1400.00 tame
lesser jardine 1200.00 tame
hybrid jardine 800.00 tame most of the time, last years
sun conures 350.00 tame this years