Birds Breeders

Royal Macaws

Phone: 6193868263
2139 Honey street San Diego Ca

Aviculturist dedicated to BlueThroat ,Shamrock,Scarlet,BlueandGold Macaws. Located in San Diego,CA check us out @RoyalMacaws on Instagram.

Faithful Word Aviary

Phone: 217-412-8950

SI Eclectus
Aru Red-Sided Eclectus
White Belly Caique

Faulkner's Feather Farms

Phone: 913-961-2034

Overland Park Ks 66204

Breeder of:

African Grey Congo
Indian Ring Neck Parrots
Blue Mask Love birds
Splendid/Scarlet chested Parrots
Soon Turquoise Green Cheeks
Will trade if you have what I am looking for.

EZ-GO Parrot Products

Phone: 850-524-3020

P.O. Box 6014
Tallahassee, FL 32314-6014

We specialize in spoon-fed, well socialized Hahn's Macaws. All our babies are banded, DNA'd & spoiled rotten. A deposit will hold a chick for you until weaned. Call for details.

Xtraordinary Parrotletes

Phone: (702) 996-7955
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Beautiful Parrotlets. We have turqiouse, blue, pastels (american), green, yellow, and pied. Handfed and training started with all babies. Weaned on a seed and pellet blend. Fresh fruits and veggies given.

Phone: 6314563836


Yellow Crowned
Blue Fronted
Yellow Naped


Blue & Gold

Credit Cards Accepted & Shipping available to any major airport

Mainely Peeps


Lee Maine 04455

Sun ,Green Cheek and Patagonian Conures,Cockatiels,Finches,Canaries,Kakarikis,Parakeets and Doves.

Birdie Brains Aviary

Phone: 919-938-8816

618 S. First St.
Smithfield, NC 27577

Our babies are closed banded, a hatch certificate is provided, and DNA sexing is included for most parrots. The babies are abundance weaned, and can fly well before trimming wings. We gladly take credit/debit payments or you may use PayPal.
Babies raised:
Blue & Gold, Greenwing, Scarlet, Catalina, and other hybrid Macaws,
Goffin, Citron, Major Mitchell Eleanora, Umbrella, Moluccan, Rose Breasted, Mobrella and other hybrid Cockatoos,
Solomon Island Eclectus
Green Cheek and Sun Conures
White Bellied Caiques

Bradley Bird Farm

Sylmar, California 91342

Australian Parakeet, Canary Winged Parakeet, Cockatiel, Cockatoo, English Budgie, Indian Ringneck Parakeet, Lovebird, Macaw (Blue and Gold, Green Wing, Scarlet), Parrotlet, Red Rumped Parrot, Sun Conure

new braunfels bird breeders

Phone: 830-708-5438
Website: none

3590 lariat ridge
new braunfels tx

hobby breeders of Bourkes and Princess of Wales Parakeets. 40 years of experience.

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