Tennessee Birds Breeders

The Bird Farm

Phone: 615-789-6154
215 Sherman Road
Charlotte,Tenn 37036

parrolets,lovebirds,finches,green cheek conures,cherry head conures,parrokeets,
red rump parakeets,cockateils,Indian Ringnecks, bourke parakeets

The Bird Hut

Phone: 615-739-0631
Website: The-bird-hut.com

conures, senegals, cockatoos, amazons, ringnecks, African greys, macaws, lovebirds, cockatiels, English Budgies


Phone: 6152102313
Lebanon, TN

Amazons pairs and singles: Red Lored, Lilac crown, Bluefront, Orange-wing.
Nacaws: Severe, Blue and Gold
Poinus: White cap, Blue headed
Meyers, Senegals, Caique, African ringneck, Lovebirds: Blue blackmasked, Opaline violet, Peachfaced
Finches: black-cheecked and normal zebras, Society, cutthroat,Violet, Orange cheecked
Congo Greys
Conures: peach front, Halfmoon, Y/s xPineapple, Cinnamon, Hoffman

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