Birds Breeders

Brighter Days Aviary

Phone: 407-497-5738

Orlando, Florida, USA

Brighter Days Aviary is a family-run hobby aviary based in Orlando, Florida. We specialize in breeding sweet pet Black Masked Lovebirds and Fischer Love Birds. We also offer from time to time quality breeding pairs, and singles. The secret in weaning a perfect super friendly baby bird is by giving them individualized attention. We stand by our guarantee that every baby bird we sell is sweet, tame, healthy, and socialized. Not only are the babies we sell our top priority but also their parents. We guarantee that we do not inbreed, double-clutch, or conduct any unethical breeding practices. All of our birds are raised and taken care of in our home in good care and all our babies are handfed from around 11-14 days old. We only hand feed our baby birds with a specially designed hand feeding spoon; we have noticed that this method is best when weaning a friendly, sweet baby bird that in turn develops a bond with humans even stronger. We only feed them the best high-quality formula on the market and wean them off with millets, premium seeds, pellets, fruits, veggies, and supplements. I am truely amazed at how quickly our babies grow and how strikingly different their personalities are. I believe the process of seeing a little egg hatch into a beautiful, full-grown bird is the most wonderful part of owning a parrot.

Bird Brains Aviary

Phone: 936-402-3222
Website: N/A

Hamilton, TX

WE HAVE MOVED!! We are now in West TX just outside of Waco. We raise Congo African Greys and Eclectus.

WildWood Aviary.

Phone: 9042919043
P O Box 1606
Claremore, OK 74018

Eclectus parrots: aruensis, polycholoros, solomonensis, vosmaeri. Greater and Lesser Vasas, Galah cockatoos. Birds for pets are hand reared, weaned, vetted prior to going home, Contract and information provided to new owners. Also offer breeding pairs.

Life With Parrots Aviary

Phone: 860-966-4148

Taking deposits for 5 Crimson-bellied Conure babies. Will be weaned beginning of June 2017. We are the only Co-parenting Breeder and raise tame, well-adjusted Conures. Please visit our website and Facebook for pictures of past clutches.

We also raise Green Cheek Conures

Tropic Island Bird & Supply

Phone: 619-447-4171

4760 Voltaire St
San Diego CA 92107

Tropic Island Bird and Supply is a family owned exotic Bird Aviary with a small store outlet located in the beachfront community of Ocean Beach in San Diego. We sell cages, bird food, bird toys and provide bird boarding, grooming and DNA gender test services. We carry a broad selection of exotic birds which include many Conures, Parrots, Macaws, Cockatoos, Softbills and often have many baby birds for you to choose from. We also ship larger birds nationwide. Please call or contact us by email and/or through Facebook at
or our website to inquire as to what we have in stock.

A-Z Birds and stuff.

Phone: 607-745-3614
1583 East Shore Drive Ithaca, 14850

Blue and Gold Macaw's, Greenwing Macaw's, Sun Conures, Cockatiel's Lineolated Parakeets. Regular Parakeets.

Wisconsin Parrots

Phone: 715-561-5564

Located near Hurley,WI and Ironwood,MI

"Family raised companion parrots"

Breeders of African Greys, Conures, Senegals, Quakers, Lovebirds, Parrotlets!

Phone: 636-896-5510

High Red SunCheek Conure Mutations & Red Pineapple Split to Dilute Green Cheek Conure Mutations.

DG Avian Exotics LLC

Phone: 305803-3406

Exotic Doves
Roul Rouls

Tweety Bird Aviary

Phone: 256 656-2019

263 Hobbs Island Road
Huntsville AL 35803

Birds available:
lovebirds, cockatiels, senegals, pionus, kakarikis, conures (suns, sundays, jendays, brown throats & jendays), lories, macaws, cockatoos, eclectus, greys and amazons.

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